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AFL Max Camp

In Week 4, fifty-seven of the students from rooms 3, 4 and 5 went on a one-night camp to AFL Max. The whole experience was about learning leadership skills and strategies through a variety of practical activities such as goal setting, understanding our strengths, problem-solving and interactive team challenges.

After the day at school we went home to get ready and by 4:30 pm we started arriving. Most of us were a bit nervous about being away from home. Our teachers and the AFL Max staff were there waiting to welcome us as we all arrived. We put our sleeping bag, pillow and overnight bag into a storage room and began to gather in the learn zone.

Sam, Aiden and the rest of the staff welcomed us, explained the rules and then off we went for a quick guided tour. It was huge! Apparently, the whole place had an area of over 5500 square metres! After the tour we split up into three separate groups and had free-time to try out some of the equipment.

At about 7pm we went upstairs to the cafeteria area for dinner. Lasagne was on the menu with salad, bread roll and a fruit-box, yum! Afterwards we had some more time to run, climb, jump, kick the footies and just hang out. At about 8:30 we got out the sleeping mats then went to get changed into a variety of PJ’s and Oneseys’s!

We spread ourselves out in front of the big screen to enjoy the movie with popcorn and a delicious doughnut! We began to wind down before sleeping. Some of us were beginning to run out of energy (especially the teachers!).

Eventually everyone fell asleep and before we knew it, 6am came around, some of kids were beginning to wriggle around in their sleeping bags and becoming restless. “Shhhhhhhh!” the teachers said (they needed more beauty sleep than us!)

We put our sleeping mattresses and bags away, got changed and went upstairs for breakfast at 7am. Coco pops or corn flakes, toast, yoghurt, fruit box and we were soon ready a full day of action. We were put into groups and went to different areas. We got to do lots of fun stuff like soccer and footy target kicks, wipeout, inflatables, interactive games, rock-climbing, and trampolining.

By the time 2:45 came around we were a bit exhausted. We slept well at home that night!