Le Fevre Peninsula Primary School
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Room 20 & 21 Beach Excursion

On the 22nd of October Miss Bowe’s and Mr McGorman’s classes walked to Semaphore beach. The weather was perfect! We played on the playground and some sport, we also had hot chips and a juice box. After that we packed up our bags and headed off to the sand. We did a fun challenge of who could build the tallest sand castle or the most decorative. Lila, Olive, Eliza, Aaliyah, Sarah and Stavroula all won the award of the most decorative sand castle. Jake, Lucas, Cooper and Lindsay won the award of the tallest sand castle. Lastly, we all had some free time on the sand playing in the sand dunes, making sand angels, playing cricket and we even buried Olive and Sarah in the sand. At the end of the day we all went back to the grass to wash our feet and put our shoes back on, ready to walk back. We had a really nice day together.