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Graduation Fundraiser

On the 1st of November Room 20 & 21 had a burger fundraiser to raise money for our year 6/7 graduation. We first started the idea in a maths lesson. During the maths lesson we looked at the prices of all the ingredients that we would need. We started to look at what shop was best to get them from to get the best price. We sent out a marketing group to advertise the burgers and to give out notes to the classes and even put up posters around the school. We chose Coles and a week later we went to the supermarket and got all the ingredients. The following week we prepared for the fundraiser. We had a crew to cook the burgers, a crew to prepare, a crew to pack, and a crew to take the burgers to all the classes. We had 4 options to choose from, the lot, plain, cheeseburger and the vegetarian burger. The lot burger included meat patties, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, hamburger rolls and tomato sauce. We also had a vegetarian option which had the same ingredients but a vegetarian patty instead. With all burgers everyone received a fruit box with their order. The cost for each burger was $6.50. Each burger cost us $3.00 roughly to make. From the burgers we made a $517.00 profit what went towards our graduation. We had lots of fun making the burgers and thank families for their support. 

Lucas & Cooper
Room 20 & 21