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Well-Being Leader Update

We are in the final sprint to the finish.

What a wonderful year of learning and discovery many of us have had this year. Every month I appreciate the wonderful qualities and richness in this school community and am thankful that I am here.

What's the Buzz

We have wrapped up What’s the Buzz  with most of the junior primary classes and as we farewelled Archie’s Journey through School, we had a reflection on the things we have learnt this year. Themes, of ‘how to share’, ‘taking turns’, ‘waiting respectfully’, ‘asking for help’ and ‘how to calm yourself when your brain is getting too fast to think clearly’ dominated most of these ‘take away’ messages. Rooms 11, 15 and 16, will finish their journey’s soon.


The trial we have been undertaking with empowering the students to take more ownership of their emotions and developing self regulation strategies using the 5 point scale model has shown some very rewarding and encouraging outcomes throughout this term. A huge thankyou to rooms 8 and 15 along with Miss Hayley and Miss Zuanic for coming on this exciting journey. We hope to expand this strategy in 2022.

Room 18 has been exploring the benefits of Mindfulness as a personal practice in terms of greater alertness to the present moment, discovering more enjoyment of the now, and how it when practised well can help us handle the ever-present stresses of modern life. They especially enjoyed the mindful eating task we tried this week.

Santa’s Sack is back!

It’s that time again to help pack Santa’s Sack!

We are inviting everyone in the community to help someone else enjoy the festivities at Christmas. So please look in your cupboards, or grab something with your regular shopping to place in the box in the front office. Items needed are non-perishable foodstuffs, any long-life non refrigerated items, such as milk or juice, disposable cutlery or plates, bonbons, serviettes and other Christmas items. We are collecting goods from now through to Wednesday the 8th December to ensure it gets to those in need through St Vincent De Pauls in time for Christmas Day.

Our new sign reminding us of our behaviour expectations on our oval is due to be installed in week 7 or 8. Look out for it!

Something to ponder;

“The road to freedom –here and everywhere on earth-– begins in the classroom.” – Hubert Humphrey