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Wellbeing Leader Update

G’Day, LPPS community.

Well we are at the half way mark of the school year.

Many of our students are learning new and calmer ways to manage their own learning choices through our ‘wrist band’ strategy and the benefits for them and our whole learning environment has been pleasing to see.

I am working with many of the classes with the focus on helping to show, and then reinforce positive behaviours for learning and indeed life.

I love when I am able to join in with a class’ 'Morning Circle’ and see the excited faces who greet each other by name and get ready for a great day of learning. There is nearly always a ‘fun fact to be learnt’. For example, did you know that yesterday the 30th of June, was the 84th anniversary of the 1st appearance of Superman in DC Comics' Action Comics Series issue #1. In the Morning Circle, our students also choose for themselves a learning behaviour or 2 that they want to focus on for the day.

Two weeks ago, the whole school enjoyed the Australia wide ‘Anti Bullying’ production of Saving Lil and Archie by Brainstorm Productions. As with previous years, the students were very focused and learnt some valuable facts about how to stay safe online and how to care for each other.

I wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday period.

Till next time,