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Learning in Room 4

In Room 4 we have been learning about and working on creating a more positive environment for ourselves and each other. We have been exploring how to create a better sense of wellbeing, as if our minds aren’t feeling healthy and positive it makes it really hard to learn.

A healthy outside starts with a healthy inside!

We have been using positive affirmations, this means talking to ourselves in a more positive way to help us become more resilient, persistent and confident towards learning. Positive affirmations are sayings that you can tell yourself when you wake up, throughout the day and especially when you’re facing challenges.

Some of our favourite affirmations include:

  • You can do it. Stay positive.
  • With every breath I feel stronger.
  • I’m unstoppable!
  • Wonderful things are going to happen today.
  • I am excited to learn new things today.

Did you know the more you talk to yourself in a positive way, the more your thinking can change? You can actually train your brain to think more positively instead of negatively!

We have also been doing interoception after recess and lunch. However, we just started to add interoception in the morning as a part of our morning circle. We noticed almost instantly how much calmer we felt in the morning and we have been able to focus on our learning much more!

Some of our favourite interoception activities include doing pushups, planks, superman, infinity breathing, starfish breathing and starting a fire.

These activities can also be done at home to help students regulate and become ready for their next task such as getting ready for school or getting ready for bed.