Science Week

During Science Week, Room 8 tried a bunch of fun experiments. 

First we tried to make it rain! We got a jar of water and put shaving foam on top to represent the clouds. We dropped blue food colouring onto the foam and waited for it to fall like rain. It was exciting to watch.

For our second experiment, we made predictions of what we thought would happen if we put food colouring in a bowl of milk and then drop a small amount of dish washing liquid on top. Some of the students thought the colours would mix and others thought the mix would explode. We found the food colouring repelled the dish washing liquid and made a beautiful swirl of colours that moved on their own. 

Continuing with the food dye theme we did some marble painting. In a tray of water, we placed different colour dyes and put a sheet of paper on top. When we lifted the paper, it left a rainbow swirl of colours. We noticed all of the pictures were different and were happy with the results and had a lot of fun!

Hayley Peacock 
Classroom Teacher

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