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Over the past few weeks, Room 14 have been learning about different 2D and 3D shapes. We have explored what makes 2D shapes different from 3D shapes, what ‘edges’, ‘corners’ and ‘faces’ are, and where we might find these shapes in our environment. The students enjoyed the hands-on tasks they participated in as they explored these shapes, including using pop-sticks, plasticine, straws and sticky tape to make 2D shapes, creating 3D shapes from 2D templates, and making patterns with different shape tiles.

When describing their favourite parts of learning about shapes Tahlia said “when we made them with pop-sticks” and Payton said “when we made them with the sticky tape and straws”.

Kase and Olivia both enjoyed learning that “shapes are different sizes”, while Logan said that he learnt “that shapes can have many corners”.

As we move on to other topics, the students are keen to point out different shapes in the environment and connect this learning to other situations.

Ashleigh Thornhill
Year 1 Classroom Teacher

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