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Clean Up Australia Day

Sunday the 6th of March was Clean Up Australia Day and Friday the 4th of March was Clean Up Schools Day. On Friday our class watched a video about the history of CUAD and who started the initiative. We cleaned up the school yard along Mead Street where you will find our nature playground and garden. We used tongs and a good eye to spot even the smallest pieces of rubbish and collected 2 shopping bags! Great work team. 

Hayley, Dot and the children in Room 8

For Clean-up Australia Day, the Year 5/6s from Room 20 and 21, walked down to the beach to collect all the litter. When we got there, we were put into groups of 3, given our own gloves and some of us got bags to collect the rubbish in. Later on, about an hour after we got there, we had our recess before returning to work. Mr McGorman and Miss Bowe had lots of chips for us to have for lunch.  After everyone had finished, we got to go on the playground to have some fun for half an hour. We then went back to the beach for one final clean-up. All of us were quite sandy, having it all over our legs, so we had to clean ourselves up and head back to school. We all definitely had a lot of fun helping the environment! 

Molly & Ava