At Le Fevre Peninsula Primary School we offer many programs that are supported through the efforts of our volunteers. These include our breakfast program, canteen, after school sports, excursions and classroom support, many of which would not be possible without our volunteers.

In line with the Department for Education guidelines, all volunteers at our site are required to do the following two things:

  • Attend a volunteer induction session
  • Obtain a Working with Children Check

Volunteer induction sessions are held at the school throughout the year. As well as looking at the ‘Responding to Abuse and Neglect’ information, attendees are also inducted into the site. Participants are required to sign a volunteer agreement in line with DfE policies.

Anyone volunteering in a Government site are required to obtain a ‘Working with Children Check’. These can be organised with the Deputy Principal with no cost involved.

For more information about volunteering at our school, please contact the Front Office on 8449 6417.


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